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Prototyping, more than ever, is playing an increasingly vital role in the design and development process, and has become an essential part of the workflow for a modern-day designer, and developer.


The prototyping tool landscape has changed considerably in recent times, and we have become a little spoilt with the influx of tools now at our disposal. There is still the debate running through the design, and development community of “Have we hit a saturation point? When is enough?”. I personally think there is no problem with having all this choice.


Do we complain about another Puzzle Based game being added to the App Store? Not really, and at my last count there were 15,489 in that genre (I made that figure up, but I know there’s a lot. Double points to anyone who has the specific figure). Just choose one that eases into your workflow, and feels the most comfortable fit for the project at hand.


Some folks (myself being one of them) have a preference for desktop based tools, others side more with a cloud-based platform (which are gaining in popularity).